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Our Concept

We offer Steamed Bagel Sandwiches both breakfast and lunch style. What sets us apart from other sandwich trucks is we steam the bagel so the meat is hot, the bagel is soft, and the cheese is melted. We also offer homemade soups and some of the best Biscuits and Gravy in the city!

Our Food

Bagels sandwiches are made in NY style bagels that are boiled before they are baked so they have that chewy outside shell! Then we start steaming the Sandwich to make them warm, cheesy, and wonderful!


For catering we offer cold cut style sandwiches in platters your choice of sandwiches. We can also cater our amazing hot bagel sandwiches at your office or party!! 

Lunch catering we offer different kinda of salads to go with the sandwiches. 

For breakfast we also offer different kinds of casseroles such as Sausage and Egg, Veggie and Egg, Hash Brown, and a French Toast/ Cinnamon Roll Casserole. With the casseroles we off a Fruit and Yogurt Parfait w amazing homemade Granola to top it off!


Vince Vaughn: Bacon, Ham, Egg, Smoked Cheddar and American on a Plain Bagel.

Slammin Sammy - Bacon, Egg, and American cheese on a Plain Bagel.

Amanda's Pajama's - Nutella, Banana, Marshmallow Fluff on a Cinnamon Apple Bagel.

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