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Here are a few questions and answers that might help!  We hope you choose to be a part of

What is a BIFT Food Truck Stop?

Food Truck Stops are vetted locations that wish to have Food Trucks for Lunch or Dinner services.

We have evaluated the site and put marketing and promotions in place to support the business.

We develop location advocates that get the word out that you will be there!

We utilize a combination of Banners, Posters and HD Screens to get the message out.

We are seeking and veting site regularly.

As we develop more inventory of site locations, we can offer locations and opportunities to the members.

When open shifts are posted, they will be offered to Gold Members first.  Any remaining shifts will be offered to Silver, then Bronze and then Free members.

So as we increase locations we are able to support the increased demand while creating and providing earnings opportunities for the members.

How we develop Food Truck Stop locations.


When developing a Food Truck Stop Location, we do so by partnering with the business at that location.

We as the Food Truck operators agree to; show up on time, come prepared for the expected number of guest, prepare our food in a timely manner and to show our guests superior hospitality.

The Business Partners at the location agree to; get the word out via email, social media and word of mouth, having a designated area for the food trucks to park,  the area should be coned off the morning trucks are scheduled, to support the trucks during the launch of a location with a Guaranteed Minimum Program.

What is a Guaranteed Minimum?

A Guaranteed Minimum is a set number of tickets/entrees served during a meal service.

If the sales fall below the number agreed upon, then the guarantor  (Client / Business Partner) would pay the difference.

Example: A lunch location set a Guaranteed Minimum of 50 Tickets. The truck for that day had a check average of $10.  The truck sold 45 tickets during lunch service. So the following equation shows how it works.

50-45=5x$10=$50 owed to truck operator.

Guaranteed Minimums are ony in place for a designated period or until the location sustains its target numbers over a 6 week period.

If food truck stop warrants, due to increased sales, additional trucks could be added to FTS Line-ups.

If sales at locations exceed set sales goals, then trucks would be asked to supports a charity of the Locations choice, with 10% of Gross Sales.  So if a location for example exceeded 100 tickets per truck, per shift.

Operators must utilize POS reports to enforce guaranteed minimums.

Food Truck Stops will be Grade A, B and C


     Grade A    

Vetted locations with guaranteed minimums in place.

These location would have a booking fee of 10% of the Guaranteed Minimum.

Sales Data is need after every-shift, to evaluate the locations grade.

    Grade B    

Locations with a proven sales history.

These location would have a booking fee of 10% of the estimated Gross sales.

Sales Data is need after every-shift, to evaluate the locations grade.

    Grade C    

Locations are unproven locations with NO guaranteed minimums in place.

These location would have no booking fee.

Sales Data is need after every-shift, to evaluate the locations grade.

Thanks for considering to help market and get brand exposure.  If you choose to become a member, please click the link blow to sign up. Select how you would like to be invoiced.

We will send a confirmation email to start service.

If you have any question please give us a call!


In addition, we will need you to complete our web site info intake form so we can get you listed on the site ASAP!

Thanks for considering!

The BIFT Team

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